"Knowledge is power" - this is a saying we have all heard more than a few times in our lives, one that causes certain memories, images and emotions to arise in the psyche. 

As one of the key pillars we founded Aether on, we believe in the empowerment of the individual through learning about the natural world and all the phenomenal medicines we have available to us, as well as about the body, and the ways in which we can support our physiology throughout our lives.


This empowerment is in itself the first stages of the healing process.


This blog space is dedicated to exactly that - to teaching, sharing and informing you - the healer, the seeker and the health enthusiasts alike, all about the diverse array of plant medicines, practices and teachings, so that you may walk away having learned something you may not have known about before.

These writings are a library of passions written by the Aether Team and some collaborators we have met along the way. In this space you will find a broad range of topics such as herbal remedies for common ailments or imbalances, different classes and groups of herbs, in-depth studies of individual plants/ mushrooms, alternative health practices as well as recipes for easy, creative and fun ways to incorporate these medicines into your lives.

I trust that they bring you joy to read - knowing that you have a nugget of wisdom you can share that you didn't before.

As always, we send you blessings of radiant health.

The Aether Team