Now that you have learned all about our medicines it is time to start incorporating them into your journey of health and well-being. In the case of our powders we often get questions about how to take them - and granted only so many people get excited at the idea of a jam packed smoothie or cup of tea.


We spent some time wanting to create a practical, yummy and equally healing method to highlight this journey and... viola!

Enter Maria, the wonderful creator of 'The Healing Root', a space dedicated to health, holistic healing and delicious food.


This section is therefore dedicated solely to our very proud collaboration with her and all the amazing recipes she has created using our medicines. So chocolate to casserole lovers alike, bring out your medicines and mixing bowls and let the healing begin!

Please check out her website for loads more :

The Healing Root

"Knowledge is power" - this is a saying we have all heard more than a few times in our lives, one that causes certain memories, images and emotions to arise in the psyche. 

We believe in the empowerment of the individual through learning, through gaining the knowledge to be your own best doctor.


This blog is dedicated to exactly that - to teaching, sharing and informing you - the healer, the seeker and the health enthusiasts alike all about the diverse array of plant medicines, practices and teachings, so that you may walk away having learned or read about something you may not have known about before.

Written by the co-founder of Aether Ricky-Anne Wakeham, who has a passion for holistic healing. You can expect anything from herbal remedies, and the utilisation of them in your life, to alternative practices to allow you to live in radiant health.



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