The understanding that plants can be used as medicine is not a new concept - in reality, it is much older than we think. Our ancestors have been using the leaves, roots, bark & fruit from plants for thousands of years for all manner of ailments. We intend to continue this age old tradition but update it for the 21st century, by using herbs from practices all over the world - like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and tribal South African medicine and combing them with up-to-date scientific research, testing end extraction.

These herbs can once again shine and prove their worth as powerful healing modalities that can assist in this ever erratic world we find ourselves in - whilst also providing a wide safety margin in terms of toxicity compared with synthetic pharmaceuticals as most natural herbals have been used for some time with very few reports of adverse side effects in users 

We provide two options for our botanical range - powders & tinctures 

some herbs will have both options whilst others are only supplied in their raw powdered form