Our team of herbalists spent many weeks putting together the best possible concoctions to help combat some of the most common ailments we as a species face. We searched deep in our armamentarium and chose only the best leaves, roots and fruits in their perfect ratios to elicit unmatched medicinal performance - these blends, when taken correctly can ward off impending disorders, fortify long term health and impart an overall radiant well being 

The main advantage of using extracts over raw herb is that once extracted from the plant matrix, the phytochemicals bypass the need for digestion and are far more readily absorbable. Liquid extracts also offer greater convenience than consuming an herb in its raw form and finally an extract can also pack a much greater punch as several grams of raw material is used to make a single bottle of extract - some extracts can be consumed over a long period of time (adaptogens) however most are recommended for short term use.