Incorporating Herbalism into your daily practice – plus a FREE chart for building your protocol

From Adaptogens, Nootropics, nutritious herbs, Medicinal mushrooms and uplifiting spices alike there are an abundance of healing medicines for us to choose from to aid in our healing processes or to boost overall wellbeing – but how to use them?

We have noticed an extreme ( understandable ) increase in health anxiety in the world as a whole. There has been a scramble of people grabbing each and every supplement available to them that hints at boosting and protecting the body from getting sick. While the use of some of these remedies can be highly beneficial to the body, we want to take a moment to remind everyone of the simplicity in choosing the correct remedies for you personally and therefore create your own protocol (healthy for the body and reducing anxiety in the mind)

Building your own practice takes time and a bit of experimentation in order to learn which herbal/ mushroom remedies work the best for you and your lifestyle.

I have set up a list with some ideas as to how to simplify, yet gain the most efficient healing you need from a somewhat simple routine, therefore maximising the healing potential of these allies to maintain your health

Step 1 – What do you need?

Simple enough right?

But this question is often lost in the overwhelming desire to supplement and consume any and all products.

One of the easiest way to do this is to draw up a list of the areas in your life, body or mind which need some assistance. For many at the moment ensuring that immunity stays boosted is of high importance, therefore that is an area to address, some other areas may be anxiety, digestion, hormone balance etc. Once you have your list of needs/ wants written down you know “Ok I have (this many) areas of my life which need assistance” – you know what you need and therefore know how to directly address them.

Step 2 – priority

Tinctures, extracts, teas, infusions – again there are so many ways to include these remedies into your day. By placing your needs in an order of ‘urgency’ to be addressed (chronic issues, imbalances, anxiety etc) to what needs general support (gut, hormones, brain health etc) .

This looks different for everyone, and can change as life evolves and changes itself – but in essence what needs immediate attention and what needs general support is a good way to address these issues, and therefore you know what you need as an intensive treatment versus maintenance courses.

Of course this is not inclusive of the fact that sometimes we get a cough, sniff or stomach bug here or there, however in these causes it would need to be addressed as a direct need and treated accordingly.

Step 3 – Finding the remedies

This is where blogs, books (download our free books here), podcasts, a phone call with a healer and even YouTube can be your allies – specifically you know why you need them, and what they will address... so what are they?

Making an informed decision after utilising the resources you have available to you is ultimately the goal by the end of this step (if you feel unsure or have pre-existing health conditions we always recommend talking to your healthcare provider).

Over the years I have tested and tried until I have found and range of remedies which do just the trick for me, so this may take some time to identify in your routine but by rule of thumb if you need something for immunity choose one supplement of herb such as Astragalus or Turkey tail to address that and move to the next need (instead of taking multiple immune boosting remedies at once - stick to a single healer and see how it works for you).

Many of the herbals and mushrooms provide a broad array of healing capabilities and therefore there may be overlaps or added bonuses – but the idea is to address each of your needs with a suited supplement. Leaning on the previous step I generally find it easier to take tinctures for my more direct needs and powders for general supplementation where possible.

Step 4 – drawing up your plan

If you’re like me, you love to know that all the “i’s” have been dotted and “t’s” crossed, which is why I find it useful to draw up a little table as shown below (feel free to print the pdf download at the bottom and customise it for yourself) in order to have everything laid out in your mind.

(this is an just an example and by no means is intended to be prescriptive to you)

Need (in order) - Supplement(s) - When and how to take


Turkey tail tincture and/or Reishi tincture & Astragalus powder and/or Colds and Flu tincture - Take 10 drops of tincture 1-3 times a day (depending on need) Put Astagalus powder in hot water with lemon in morning

Brain health + stress

Lions mane tincture and/or Gotu Kola tincture/ powder and/or Ginkgo powder and/or Mucuna powder - Take 10 drops of tincture 1-3 times a day (depending on need). Put Gotu Kola/ Ginkgo powder in food (oats, salad dressing, soup, curry etc) - Mucuna in tea (tastes creamy therefore won’t have negative effect on food taste)

Physical energy

Cordyceps Tincture - Take 10 drops of tincture 1-3 times a day (pre- workout)

Hormone health

Hormone balancing tincture and/ or Shatavari powder OR

Gokshura powder - Take 10 drops of tincture 1-3 times a day (depending on need)

Powder taken in/ on food or in tea form

(side tip – I like to make an overnight infusion of Shatavari, red clover, red raspberry leaves, Oatstraw and stinging nettle for Womens hormone health and balance - infusions are amazing ways to incorporate healing throughput your day)

These address four of the categories people ask us most about – however this does not mean it has to be in your protocol or the products you choose.

Step 5 – making it sustainable

It’s all about routine, if you are a busy body dedicate a bit of time to putting your tinctures into your bag and setting alarms to make sure that you don’t forget, prepare the night before for your next day and find fun ways to incorporate these remedies for you – this may mean following one of the recipes Maria created using our products, or it may mean mixing everything together in a shot of health before you run out. Make it fun and make sure that it is a place in your mind free from stress.

I hope that this quick blog inspires you to get through the last of these winter months with a bang of health and sparks your interest in continuing to enrich your lives with knowledge and natural healing

Sending blessings of Radiant health


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