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This concept has been a theme and passion in all the members of Aether's lives for a long time - it is, in it's essence, the reason that we wanted to create this company - in order to share all the phenomenal plant and mushroom allies we have to aid anyone in their journey of health.

But what is healing? And how can we do it? There's more to it than taking a teaspoon of Ashwagandha and a pipette of Reishi in the morning (although those are solid baselines) and so I wanted to chat to you more about it as a concept and introduce an amazing collaborator who has beautiful messages to share about healing as a whole.

"Healing" has been defined as the process of restoration, though which one returns to the prior state of wellbeing.

While still ringing true this definition is somewhat... outdated.

With the rise and increase in people's interest in holistic health, mindfulness and other practises the concept of healing has become far more multifaceted. Rather than a process one goes through, it has become a journey of growth through which one becomes 'better' or more themselves than they were before. It is a journey back to the self.

In the same tune, understanding illness or "dis-ease" has evolved to a point of being able to further understand the self. A cold is not merely perceived as a cold, there is a recognition of the body and mind signalling an imbalance present in the individual's life, which has manifested in a weakened immune system and therefore becoming more susceptible to a virus.

Irrespective of how we define "healing" it is a highly personal process, but it is also something which we as a human collective. We all get sick, we all get hurt and we all need to heal, so instead of seeing it as an individual and solitary process why don't we return to a space where community can aid and help facilitate us through it. Now this could be your immediate community such as your family or it could be an online space which is where our wonderful collaborator Relatable Content comes in.

Relatable Content is an online based community space which seeks to connect self-healers, healers and seekers alike through an exclusive online community (Self Healers Club), workshops, podcasts and monthly check-ins.

"When we go inwards and make the connection to self and others, each and every one of us living beings become our own greatest resource. This is self healing."

We now have the honour of working with Farhana Sarguro, the founder of Relatable Content, through this space for healers to connect. So far we have done an online workshop on adaptogens, a podcast about Mushroom medicines, New Moon chat about Herbal and Mushroom medicines and mental health and have created a discount code ( relatable20 ) to support this collaboration.

Here are some words from her to explain a bit more about this community based approach:

There's one thing we know about the world and the way we interact with one another, it is the desire to live, to feel and connect.

You heard us, we need each other. We have not lost this ability to remember that humans need one another. Although, as new challenges arise including digital spaces, viruses, cancel culture, impatience etc, we are becoming individualistic, self centred, ego driven society as a whole. This pushes us further away from our basic skills to show up and in our purpose. So how do we find ourselves connecting again?

Community Structure

What happens when we don't come together?

Humans would settle in communities of like-minded people, travellers or nomads as we would call it. In these habitats, there would be gatherers, hunters, builders, etc. Everyone served a purpose and for that they survived.

There were healers for the sickly, mothers and caretakers and so the list went on.

In today's technologically-driven world, where we spend most of our time, we are following trends we don't know to be true or not, persuaded by online advertisements others thoughts, opinions, behaviours and not our own.

  • Where do we learn about trusting our own intuition?

  • What platform is bringing South Africans together in healing spaces?

  • How can South Africa become a leading country in collaboration?

Join us for a community healing space:

Be sure to check out their social media and events to learn more about this amazing online healing space to join, meet and learn from other self-healers in South Africa

Sending blessings of radiant health and wellbeing


Relatable Content website: https://relatablecontent.love/

Relatable Content Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/relatablecontent_/

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