Raw Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Cookies

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first recipe of 2020!

This is a particularly exciting recipe post because not only is it a really delicious recipe that I am super stoked about, but I am sharing with you a really exciting collaboration that is happening this year. I will be working with Aether Herbalist & Apothecary; a beautiful brand that aims to bring medicinal plants in all shapes and forms to your kitchen shelves and into your tummies.

Not only are they an awesome duo of two high vibe, loving, and positive beings but they also source their produce from all over the world to ensure really high quality goods. However one of the best parts? These incredibly high quality, beautifully packaged goods are really affordable too. We all know that feeling when you walk into the health food store and find the medicinal herbs, tinctures or superfoods of your dreams only to look at the price and feel your tummy do three summersaults and drop. Well, this for sure isn’t the case with Aether Herbalist & Apothecary.

With a range of really exotic, and powerful herbs, mushrooms, tinctures and remedies these beautiful human beans are trying to really change the way alternative health is situated in society: not as some elite, inaccessible luxury, but as a down-to-earth, readily available and affordable reality to us. So, a huge shout out to these humans for doing such wonderful work!

We will be collaborating in the following capacity: I will be creating recipes using their products (we will be starting off with one recipe per month) in order to make using these divine herbs and roots accessible and easy for you. After all that is often one of the downfalls of superfoods (especially the really green ones!) is that often they have such a strong taste that they can be quite challenging to add into your life as a regular part of your diet.

To top it all off (as if you needed an extra reason to get shopping for some healing goodies), if you buy their goods from their online store you can use the code: THEHEALINGROOT at checkout to get a 10% discount on all of your shopping. How lovely is that!?

So, without further a due … to start this collab off with a bang we have one of my absolute favourite new recipes …


1 cup quick-cook, Jungle oats

1/4 cup of smooth peanut butter

1/8 cup of honey

1/8 cup of water

1 tablespoon raw pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds or sesame seeds

1 tablespoon raw cacao nibs (optional but yummy)

1 teaspoon of mucuna powder

1 teaspoon of maca powder

1 teaspoon of baobab powder

1 teaspoon of shatavari

1/4 teaspoon of salt


In a food processor place all of the ingredients except the raw seeds. Blend on high and then place

the ball of dough into a mixing bowl and add the seeds - mix well.

Get yourself a container/tupperware and begin rolling out balls of the dough according to your preference of size.

You can leave them as is if you prefer the shape of balls. If you’d like to change it up then place the palm of your hand over the ball and squish it down gently to create the shape of cookie.

Place in the tupperware and store in the fridge and enjoy as is! If you would like to add some additional flare, you can roll each cookie in sesame seeds.

These are fantastic as a take-to-school or work snack or if you have a busy few days travelling.


The Healing Root

SIDE NOTE: to find out more about what each of these powders do and why they are so potent head on over the FREE BOOKS to find out more information.

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