So who is Aether anyways?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Firstly we want to thank you. If you are new here or have followed us around since our market days we are so grateful for the support and interest that has been shown in our medicines, knowledge and way of life.

For this first blog I thought it only necessary to do a bit of an introduction into the beginnings of Aether and the people behind it.

Starting with the face and name you all know very well, this is Cullen:

Cullen was born in Durban, after a few shifts and moves here and there he ended up in Johannesburg where he met me, Ricky-Anne:

I was born and raised in Joburg on a small holding where plants and nature were very much my best friends.

After we both finished school and moved to Cape Town, Cullen worked corporate, I was studying and Stellenbosch – to be honest I don’t think either of us knew much about what we wanted to do with our lives. All I knew is that I wanted to help, heal, loved yoga and smoothies, and all Cullen knew is that he wanted to grow his hair long and do something worthwhile with his time – make his mark on this world.

A year later in 2017 Cullen got home from work, as per usual I ask “How was your day?” to which he replied “I quit…”.

This bold and brave move lead Cullen and I to where we are now. We often think about how Aether was born, where did it come from? Where did the name come from? All we know is that one day Aether wasn’t there and then it was.

We truly have humble beginnings, not really knowing which direction to turn to. The first market we ever went to was the Vergenoegd market in Stellenbosch. After a late night preparing bath salts, herbs, soaps, incense and all the decorations we could muster we jumped in the car, not knowing that this was to be the beginning of our very own odyssey.

Needless to say with time we refined our range – between my full time studying and Cullen running to and fro from markets our hunger for freedom and knowledge only grew. We rebranded, bought new books, watched more documentaries, read, read, and read some more until our first tinctures came into being.

I think the most memorable thing about them was the honey-sweet taste which a lot of people loved. We had customisable herbal teas, started with some superfood medicinal powders.. all creating the perfect foundations, nurturing the soils in which we could grow and bloom from.

Many moons and markets later we have focused even more to create the Apothecary that we now have three years later.

2019 was a big year of growth for us, moving to the Eastern Cape was a big catalyst for allowing ourselves and the brand itself to flourish.

So what is our aim? Our goal? Our plan?

Our primary aim is probably the only thing which has been consistent from the start – to heal and to spread knowledge that leads to empowerment.

We first and foremost-ly want to heal, this has and always will be at the core of what we stand for. In a world where disconnection from the self and our health is so prevalent, where we want to mask a symptom just to keep up with the infinite demands we feel we need to satisfy - we want to provide a reconnection to, well, you.

In this process not only is our goal to heal but it is also to empower the individual to learn. This Blog will focus on - Why am I feeling this way? Where is the imbalance? How can I remove it or gain mastery over it? And most Importantly - Why do these plants and mushrooms work? How do they work? - we want you to ask questions, as many as you can, because we want to help you find or provide you with the answers for your specific and highly individual human experience.

This is why (to all those who ask) our books are free for download and we make no profit from them, we want them to be tools of empowerment where you become your own doctor once more.

We have so many plans for the future of Aether including grow facilities, workshops, farming, new medicines and so much more and we are infinitely excited to share each step of the way with you.

For now once again, thank you!

Sending blessings of radiant health


PS: If there is anything in particular you want to know/ read about please leave some suggestions in the comment section below - be them about herbs, about the stars and the very essence that connects us all , once again all questions are welcome. I will be posting a new blog around once a week so keep an eye out for any updates.

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