What we are doing about Covid-19 & tips to boost your immune system

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hello friends of Aether.

First I want you to take one deeeeeep belly breath for me, hold, and release completely.

Now that you hopefully feel a little less stressed, we wanted to do a bit of a catch up on what we have planned for this period of time. As all our fellow South Africans know, we have officially entered our 21 day period of lockdown. At first we weren't sure what this meant - do we close down, what about couriers... all these unknowns were the sources for much anxiety for us.

But as is the lesson of this time we learned to lean into this, stick to the facts and stay safe in the process:

We are happy to announce that Aether will be staying open throughout this period and for as long as we can.

We have found a different courier system using Courier Guy - we fall into the complimentary medicine sector, and as such have permission to continue our work. To say that we are relieved to stay open and help those who have been seeking healing and immune boosting products from us is an understatement - so we feel truly blessed to continue our work in this crucial time.


We have put a 15% off discount on our entire website to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to purchase the medicines that are needed for the next 21 days.

On top of this we are putting a further 10% of the orders into a separate account which will allow for us to provide medicines to those who cannot financially afford it themselves - to those who have someone in mind please comment suggestions or email us directly - we will be choosing a few every week, we hope to cater to as many people as possible.

We will be doing two sets of deliveries a week - so all will continue as per usual for delivery.

Immune boosting

Prevention is the most important part of getting rid of this now global pandemic.

I'm sure that you have all heard the rules however remember that these periods of isolation, quarantine, practicing good hand-washing, the cleaning of your houses etc. and limiting the amount of exposure you have to the shops and other people are paramount to flattening the curve and ensuring that no more people get infected.

Now that we have all these health encouraging habits in our back pockets what are some more tips?

1. Get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night

2. Take probiotics - for more info on how the gut microbiome impacts immune health check out our friends Mushroom Revival

3. Eat a healthy diet

4. Stress less

5. Exercise

All of these are self-explanatory - we need them/ to practice them in order to ensure that we are healthy, strong and that our bodies are in a restored state and therefore can fight off any pathogens or virus' we may come into contact with.

In addition to this why not make a health boosting tonic for the lungs?

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to the adverse benefits on the human physiology being treated and boosted with natural medicines - that's why we are doing what we do after all.

One of my favourite tonics to make at the moment is an immune boosting and overall uplifting decoction which I have in the mornings:

What you need (1 serving) :

X1 pot

X1 Cup water

X1 Tbsp Astragalus Root

X1 Tbsp Buchu

X1 Tsp Mullein

X1 Tsp Camu Camu


Bring water to a boil, add in all powders and reduce heat to a simmer, place lid on and allow to simmer for 10-13 minutes.

Take off heat, strain with a french press or sieve and enjoy!

For additional lung health benefits you can add 10 drops of REISHI & CORDYCEPS

Until next time - stay healthy and safe

Sending blessings of RADIANT HEALTH


I also want to take the time to thank any of those who are reading this who are continuing work at this time in order to look after all of us, we appreciate your work.

Be sure to read our next blog for an in-depth breakdown of our anti-biotic tinctured extract

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Image of lungs: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/448178600408717080/

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