Oyster Mushroom Tincture 30ml 

- Pleurotus spp.


cultivated oyster mushrooms ± 10 000mg

Oyster Mushroom Tincture

  • Oyster mushrooms are a first thought for most when it comes to gourmet edible mushrooms & this was a fact that was not lost on our distant ancestors who so often consumed this mushroom. The Oyster mushroom has a long history of culinary use by many nations all around the world. The Kashaya Pomo of north america are one of many native american tribes that consumed this fungus harvested from the wild. The ancient chinese during the Song Dynasty ( A.D. 960-1279 ) wrote a poem about this fungus calling it the “mushroom of flower heaven ” & the country people of France were also known in medieval times to water logs to encourage fruiting in tough times. It was only in world war 1 that the Germans first thought of cultivating this highly nutritious food as a subsistence measure to feed the poor

    The name “Oyster Mushroom” refers to their shape & color, rather than taste of this mushroom. One of the interesting things about oyster mushrooms are that they attack & kills nematodes. When nematodes are present, the Oyster Mushroom’s hyphae produce many sticky knobs on the sides of the cells. These secrete nematotoxic chemicals that paralyze & kill the nematodes.

    The fungus then produces specialized hyphae that penetrate & digest the worms. There are two reasons that the fungus would do this. First, it is a defense mechanism that prevents the nematodes from feeding on the fungal cells. Second, the nematodes supply an extra source of nitrogen. Oyster mushrooms are traditionally used to strengthen veins & relax tendons, as well as for heart health. Modern Findings have proven that this mushroom is both highly nutritious & has great medicinal benefits too. Oyster mushrooms contain β-glucans, phenolic compounds such as protocatechuic acid, gallic acid, homogentisic acid, rutin, myrictin, chrysin, naringin, tocopherol like α-tocopherol & γ- tocopherol, & β-carotene. They also house almost all kinds of amino acids, Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6,B7 as well as Vitamin C, P, D2 & iron. Oyster Mushrooms have been widely studied for their effect on modulating blood cholesterol levels & evidence shows that they have the ability to reduce triglycerides & LDL cholesterol. It has also been found that these mushrooms contain erogothioneine

    A lesser known antioxidant amino acid that protects the cells of the body, reducing triglycerides which can cause cardiovascular disease. Various studies have shown that 3 months of use can lower cholesterol levels by up to 40% Oyster mushrooms have been proven to be effective in the treatment of lumbago, numbed limbs & tendon/blood vessel discomfort. This wonderful group of fungi have demonstrated enhanced immune cell activation & anti-tumor potential due to both proteoglycans & hetroglucan - long term use of oyster mushrooms show tumor inhibition rates of up to 90% against sarcoma 180 , mammary tumor Oyster Mushrooms have significant antibacterial activity too due to an active compound, “benzaldehyde”, which was proven to reduce bacterial levels in the body. It seems that the compounds released by this mushroom to digest organic material from nature to use it for food are also the same compounds that can help combat infections in the body.

    Oyster mushrooms are continuing to be researched as a means of a biodynamic remedy to waste. The amazing mycologist Paul Stamets found that the mycelium of certain oyster mushroom releases enzymes which were powerful enough to break down PAH’s (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) found in oil & its refined state (petrol).

    In one experiment soil contaminated with oil was inoculated with oyster mushrooms which began to effectively feed off the oil & brought life back to the patch of earth. With the mushrooms came flies which attracted birds who then deposited seeds & brought the area back to its original state of harmony. We use outdoor log methods to grow blue, grey & pink oyster musrhooms, we also grow the rarer elm oyster & phoenix oysters as well - these mushrooms are then combined & extracted to create a powerful oyster mushroom mix full of life promoting phytochemicals


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