Split Gill Tincture 30ml 

- Schizophyllum commune


wild harvested split gill ± 10 000mg

Split Gill Tincture

  • Fungi have been renowned medicines in many far eastern countries for hundreds of years, & one of the most capable and easiest to identify of them all being the split gill mushroom. This rugged little fungus grows worldwide, on every continent except Antarctica - the species name commune actually means common or widespread. It is extremely hardy, growing in both icy & arid landscapes - i've found this mushroom grows especially well in South Africa, soaking up moisture in rainy seasons & then going into a suspended state similar to hibernation in the dry months, allowing it to survive for months at a time without dying. Another reason why this mushroom seems to be so abundant is due to it having more than 28,000 sexes, an adaptation that minimizes the risk of siblings mating, & therefore maximizes the genetic diversity by achieving nearly 100% outbreeding with new genetic stock. above: split gill specimen below: wild split gill mushroom growing on a moss covered log Split gill mushrooms are a favored traditional food throughout Southeast Asia, India & many parts of Africa like Senegal & Cameroon, usually fried with legumes & seeds, or ground into a powder & added to a stock - it is said to have a sweet taste. On a medicinal level, split gills truly shine. This mushroom has traditionally been used to treat general weakness, debility, gynecological diseases, leukorrhea, cancers & more.

    Besides nutrient substances such as protein, fiber, & minerals, analysis of split gill mushrooms show that they produces three notable biopolymers - hydrophobin, kda protein, & by far the most widely researched glucan in this mushroom being a water-soluble triple-stranded helix known as schizophyllan. Schizophyllan is a polysaccharide composed of glucose polymers of different sizes & degree of branching, but often consisting of β-D-glucans which are similar to those found in the cell walls of other medicinal fungi. Schizophyllan has demonstrated great protective effects against various bacteria such as pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, & klebsiella pneumoniae to name but a few. This tough little mushroom can also induce the production of LAK cells - Lymphokine-activated killer cells are white blood cells that mediate the identification and destruction of cancer cells. Schizophyllan has also been proven to increase cellular immunity by restoring suppressed killer cell activity. It can provide protective effects against many different viruses & even activate macrophages which results in augmentation of T cell which is the most important mediator of systemic immunomodulation.

    Schizophyllan most notable benefits are against tumor/cancer activity (both solid & ascite forms of sarcomas & carcinomas). This amazing compound can reduce tumor growth by increasing lymphocytic infiltration, cytotoxic T cells, & NK cell creation which leads to a stronger antitumor immune response at tumor sites. Schizophyllan is distributed throughout the body in macrophages, tissue next to tumors, & kupffer cells ( bone marrow, lymph nodes, liver & spleen cells ) thus also inhibiting chromosomal damage caused by chemotherapeutic agents & radiation - making it a great adjuvant for chemotherapy (best results have been found when split gill is administered shortly after or at the same time as radiation)

    Various clinical studies have proven that split gills when combined with chemotherapy resulted in treated subjects living significantly longer than those on chemotherapy alone - effectively prolonging the five year survival rate of many types of cancers - gastric, cervical, oral showed most significant improvements proving this mushrooms historical use for these areas of the body Schizophyllan is also being studied for chronic fatigue syndrome. www.aetherherbalistapothecary.com æ 39 Split gill mushrooms are very dear to my heart as they were the first mushroom I successfully cultivated - wild strains multiply rapidly once spores are released making it an easy mushroom to grow for beginners. Split gill mushrooms are exceptionally powerful but scarce - they only grow in small communities on decaying wood, for this reason we only produce small batch hydro-ethanolic extracts - made from wild harvested & wild grown fruiting bodies.



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