Artist Conk Tincture

- Ganoderma applanatum


wild harvested artist conk ± 12 000mg

Artist Conk Tincture

  • The Artist conk is a humble but fascinating mushroom. This medicine has lived in the shadow of its more famous cousin the red reishi for many centuries, however don't be so quick to disregard this fungus. Known throughout the world, this mushroom &its variants are perhaps the most widespread of all ganoderma species growing on every continent except Antarctica. Artist conk mushrooms have a rare & defining characteristic - The white spore pad bruises when touched. This allows one to etch drawings on the wide pad surface. As the fungus dries, it becomes hard & lightweight, the drawing naturally darkens & cures to a solid, permanent texture like wood. Ancient american folklore suggests that this trait was used by hunter gatherers to find their way in forests. It is said that nomadic people would draw arrows on the underside of this mushroom pointing to the exit of the woodlands.

    When a roaming gatherer got lost he could locate this fungus on trees, look underneath & thus find his way out of the thicket by following the arrows. This mushroom was also burned by the Athabaskan tribe of alaska to provide a mosquito repellent smoke as well as age old fables are told of a giant artist conk called k'adatsa which grew to around a quarter mile in width around the alexander creek area- this fungus was revered & used by the tribes to cure many maladies.

    In the orient however Artist Conk is more commonly known for its similarity to reishi - often being refered to as ancient reishi due to its long life span, some specimens reported to be over 20 years old (quite the long life for a mushroom). This long lifespan has lead many around the world to classify artist conk as the gentle & wise old caretaker of the forests One thing we know for certain is that being part of the ganoderma ( reishi ) family comes with exceptionally powerful compounds that have a whole host of medicinal qualities. Artist conks contain various steroidal compounds such as ergosterol, fungisterol, alnusenone & other triterpenes. they also contain the highly medicinal triterpenoid compounds commonly found in red reishi - ganoderic acid, ganoderenic acid & furanoganoderic acid. It is important to note the fact that all ganoderma species contain these chemicals in varying quantities, making all lookalikes not just usable, but highly medicinal too - bitterness brought about by the ganoderic triterpanoids indicate the relative strength of the ganoderma strain you are using

    thanks to modern science we can see great cancer research being conducted on ganoderma applanatum - particularly anti-tumor activity against sarcoma 180. The polysaccharides & triterpenes have demonstrated great immunostimmulating properties thus verifying traditional Chinese classification as an immune system tonic This great medicine is also used to reduce phlegm, eliminate indigestion, increase spleen cell proliferation & as a natural antibiotic too. Artist conk was utilized long before other reishi's in its family, it is a dynamic medicine for many modern ailments. Due to this musrhoom being too tough & fibrous to consume as is, we produce an extracted tincture. This allows the mushroom to be more readily assimilated in the body - We run our artist conk through our triple extraction system - an ethanol extraction process to remove the triterpenes & a water extraction to remove the polysaccharides, distillation is used to concentrate the mixture. These extractions are then combined to produce a powerful, bioavailable Medicinal Mushroom Supplement.


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